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Posted on Apr 19,2018

Ruth Gluth Named Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Volunteer of the Year

Honoring more than 20 years of service, Ruth Gluth was named Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Volunteer of the Year at the annual volunteer recognition dinner. Two other finalists, Lorraine Guderian and Kay Symanski, were also thanked and honored for their dedication.

Posted on Apr 18,2018

From Teen Volunteer to Pharmacy Manager: Johns Hopkins All Children’s Volunteer Program Provides Return on Investment

Jena Valdes, pharmacy manager at Johns Hopkins All Children’s, became a hospital volunteer as a teen which sparked her interest in a medical career.

Posted on Apr 16,2018

Pool and Water Safety – Facts and Myths

Joe Perno, M.D., medical staff affairs officer at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, explains some facts and myths about water safety to help parents keep their children safe around the water.

Posted on Apr 16,2018

Volunteering Put Things in Perspective

Compassionate. Committed. Career driven. Chiara, a volunteer for Child Life at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, is certainly all of these–which is impressive for someone who hasn’t even graduated high school yet.

Posted on Apr 13,2018

Fragile Cargo

A doctor and his team go the extra mile to improve the odds for a baby with life-threatening congenital diaphragmatic hernia

Posted on Apr 12,2018

Medical Explorers Program Prepares Students for a Life of Medicine

Medical Explorers provides young people a chance to learn about a variety of medical careers from health care professionals. Teens from high schools throughout the area participate in activities and talks from physicians, residents, administrators and staff representing therapy, speech/audiology, pharmacy, nursing, Child Life services, infection prevention and other departments.

Posted on Apr 11,2018

Early Birth, Extraordinary Care

Born prematurely at 31 weeks with Down syndrome, Kassi’s troubles were just beginning. She faced heart issues, breathing problems, kidney disease and feeding issues. But with a determined family and a hospital dedicated to caring for children with complex health issues, Kassi’s outlook is bright. The Johns Hopkins All Children’s Fetal, Maternal & Neonatal Institute managed and coordinated her early care, working to build her strength and size so she could thrive on her own.

Posted on Apr 10,2018

Endoscopic Expertise

One of few U.S. physicians with the pediatric expertise for the procedure, Michael Wilsey, M.D., uses endoscopic technique to aid patients.  

Posted on Apr 09,2018

Tampa Bay’s Allergy Season is in Full Swing

Allergy season is in full swing. People are having itchy, watery eyes and runny noses. Rachel Dawkins, M.D., medical director of the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine Clinic answers some important questions about allergies.

Posted on Apr 06,2018

Cancer? A Coma? How Agata Became 'A Walking Miracle'

Looking healthier, though still moving a little cautiously, Agata is sharing her incredible story of a coma, chemotherapy and recovery as the “Patient Master of Ceremonies” at a fundraising event called Swim Across America.

Posted on Apr 05,2018

5 Tips for Overcoming Sports Performance Anxiety

Feeling anxiety is normal while playing sports. Learn strategies you can use to help through moments of performance anxiety.

Posted on Apr 04,2018

Real Value in ‘Virtual’ Case Conference

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital leads pediatric experts in discussion of vexing stroke and thrombosis cases.

Posted on Apr 03,2018

Winning Races and Breaking Records

Kart4Kids tops its banner year for donations to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

Posted on Apr 02,2018

What Injury Risks to Watch for During Spring

Spring break can be a fun time, but can also be dangerous time for kids. Patrick Mularoni, M.D., from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, gives parents some tips to help keep their kids safe during spring break season.

Posted on Mar 30,2018

It’s All about Teamwork

How medical simulation at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital learns from a racing pit crew.

Posted on Mar 29,2018

Medical Simulation Means Safer Patients, Better Outcomes

Growing research shows that institutions that promote simulation programs are seeing decreases in medical errors and improvements in patient safety.

Posted on Mar 27,2018

A Gift for Babies’ Sake

A generous donation to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital will improve care for infants with neonatal abstinence syndrome.

Posted on Mar 27,2018

KJ Mullet, R.N., Receives the February 2018 DAISY Award

Congratulations to KJ Mullet, R.N., our DAISY Award winner for November 2017. The award is presented monthly to a Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital nurse who exemplifies nursing excellence.

Posted on Mar 26,2018

Dealing with Childhood Obesity

Obesity continues to be a major problem for American children, increasing from 14 percent of children in 1999 to 18.5 percent in the current study. Joe Perno, M.D., from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, discussed concerns about childhood obesity.

Posted on Mar 23,2018

Cystic Fibrosis Family Education Night Shares Hope and Help

Connor was a 3-month-old baby with a bad cough. His pediatrician suspected RSV, a common illness in young kids. Testing revealed the real culprit: cystic fibrosis. Now 13, he has been receiving care at the Cystic Fibrosis Center at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital ever since that diagnosis.

Posted on Mar 22,2018

Uprooted by a Storm, a Nurse Finds a New Home

After Hurricane Maria destroyed Candida Reyes-Rodriguez’s Puerto Rican town and nursing job, she packed up her family and moved to St. Petersburg, FL where she joined the Johns Hopkins All Children’s team as a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Posted on Mar 21,2018

A Family Affair

A family with professional ties to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital has a personal health scare that teaches them what it means to be on the receiving end of patient care.

Posted on Mar 20,2018

7 Tips for Helping Your Child Deal with Bullying

Bullying is a serious issue that affects 75 percent of kids at some point between kindergarten and 12th grade. This can be very troubling for parents and caregivers, but there are things you can do to help a child who is a victim or committer of bullying. Melissa Faith, Ph.D., ABPP, a clinical pediatric psychologist and board-certified specialist in clinical child and adolescent psychology at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, offers tips for families.

Posted on Mar 19,2018

Keeping Kids in Foster Care Healthy

The pediatric residents at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital have developed an advocacy project focusing on access to health care. Their campaign focuses on advocating for four different vulnerable populations. Alana Koehler, M.D., a pediatric resident at Johns Hopkins All Children’s, joined Rachel Dawkins, M.D., to discuss the needs of children in foster care.

Posted on Mar 16,2018

Celebrating New Residents at Match Day 2018

More than a thousand students from across the country applied to join the pediatric residency program at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. On Friday, the National Resident Matching Program announced who will join Johns Hopkins All Children’s in July 2018 as the next class of residents.

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